Blog Challenge #2: A Passionate Story


Before :)

Above is the first picture of the doors (they are actually two pairs of shutters) I was ecstatic that they fit in the back of my small car and drove home with care down the freeway. They were purchased at Porter Barn Wood in Phoenix for one specific purpose “the bridal reveal”. I was inspired by something on Pinterest and just knew I had to recreate it for my own wedding SO the journey of the doors began.

It’s funny to observe what a bride become passionate about (ok…OBSESSED WITH) when planning a wedding. For some it’s the dress, others it’s the guest list or the flowers, for me it was the doors. There were so many decisions to make these old doors mine; what color to paint them, what decoration to have on them, how to incorporate them into the ceremony, how to transport them, how they were going to stand up on their own…oh the list went on and on and so did we. At one point my husband asked me if I named the doors –  “DUH, one is Jim and the other Morrison”.  I decided on a distressed yellow color, our initials made with twigs, some rustic garland for the decoration and a hand-stamped quote by Maya Angelou poem on copper to really make them our own. “In all the world there is not hear for me like yours. In all the word there is no love for you like mine” They would stand at the beginning of the isle until it was time for the “reveal” at which point my brothers would open them up, then the violinist would start playing the song I would walk down the aisle to “Here comes the sun”. Picture perfect, right?!

Fast forward to the rehearsal dinner, naturally what I had obsessed over for months didn’t work out. “WHAT the ground by the beginning of the rock aisle is a HILL?! WHAT they keep falling over?” My wedding party and I quickly went into planning action. What we came up with worked out even better than I could have imagined.


The Doors!


Reveal = Success

I picked this story of the doors to showcase in a silly but truthful way what I am passionate about; making things personal for myself and using my creative business to do the same for others. I like taking something old and making it new and awesome again. I really enjoy getting creative in gift giving, event/home decoration and creating hand-stamped items does just that.

A simple introduction

What a good way to start this webspace! With a Challenge!
Prompts from the Alex Beadon Blog Challenge (who is AWESOME by the way! Sparkle ON Sparklers!!)

Who are you?
Sara W. of HERinspiration.  My mom and I were inspired to start up our own crafty business HERinspiration back in 2007 after we purchased custom hand stamped discs for Christmas one year from a craft fair. That year I chose the word  JOURNEY to be stamped on the disc.  I picked that word because it was a time in my life where I didn’t know where I was going – I just knew I was on one hell of a journey and I wanted a necklace to remind me of that.  I love that I was wearing something that wasn’t obvious to everyone but held a very special meaning to me.

We then explored the idea of making creations for others and sharing the message of wearing words and symbols that inspire. Below is a blurb about HERinspiration that describes our small craft business:

“Every individual has a word or phrase that resonates with them. It could be a song lyric that makes you smile, a mantra you repeat during a marathon or before a job interview, vows that you made on your wedding day, a motivational quote or lines from your favorite book.

We create hand-stamped jewelry and gifts to take these special words and create something beautiful that you can wear or display as a reminder of the promises and dreams we have for ourselves.”

Why did you start blogging? I read blogs every day.  I am inspired by people putting themselves out on the internet for all to read/get to know and know their business and products they are selling.   I’m drawn to positive vibes, creativity and community.  I want to contribute to that space.

Who is your blog for? Everyone and anyone who takes the time to read! I want to share the cool things I find while thrifting, projects/crafts that I cross off my list, adventures I go on, words that inspire, promote our online shop and I have a stretch goal of purchasing a vintage trailer with our sales and document the refurbishing of it!

What’s something you’ve been working on lately that you’re REALLY proud of?
Our re-branding project (check out the snazzy “hi” logo) and just STARTING. I am proud that I am letting go of everything being perfect and I am proud of pressing publish.

What’s the ONE MESSAGE that you hope people take away from your blog?
Be happy, be positive and go do stuff.  Do stuff that inspires you, do the stuff you read about, work hard, sell your product, save some cash and surprise yourself.